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2017, Vol. 2, Issue 4, Part A

On rgwα-Homeomorphism in topological spaces

Author(s): RS Wali and Vijayalaxmi R Patil

Abstract: A bijection f: (X, 𝜏) → (Y, σ) is called regular generalized weakly ⍺- homeomorphism if f and f-1 are rgw⍺-continuous. Also we introduce the new class of maps, namely rgw⍺*-homeomorphisms which form a subclass of rgw⍺-homeomorphisms. The class of rgw⍺- homeomorphism and rgw⍺*- homeomorphism maps are closed under composition of maps. We prove that the set of all rgw⍺- homeomorphism and rgw⍺*-homeomorphisms forms a group under the operation composition of maps.

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RS Wali, Vijayalaxmi R Patil. On rgwα-Homeomorphism in topological spaces. Int J Stat Appl Math 2017;2(4):22-27.

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