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2023, Vol. 8, Special Issue 5, Part B

The challenges & Impact of women entrepreneurship: Women as an entrepreneur to make a change

Author(s): Dr. Arahant Arvind and Dr. Choudhary Kuldeep

Women Entrepreneurship is a significant phenomenon in Gujarat. The involvement of women in entrepreneurial activities is expanding in the globalised world. Post reform a share of women in entrepreneurship involvement is increasing. There are many success stories of women entrepreneurs which is now becoming a torch bearer in rural part of the country. The Start-Up Village Entrepreneurship programme beneficiary is involved in Micro Entrepreneurship and works at the micro-level. The major focused areas are Handloom weaving, Small organic vegetable farming, Spices enterprises, Pottery making enterprises, Bamboo crafts, handicrafts, etc. The context of women entrepreneurship is challenging because the old traditional value system still persists in rural areas. The research paper highlighted the motivating factors of entrepreneurship for women aspirant. The study also covers the Impact of the Start-Up Village Entrepreneurship programme on rural women's daily life, how impactful the SVEP Program in strengthening the life of women in Gujarat. The paper discussed the major challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and the suggestive corrective measures required for the development of entrepreneurship among women. The data were collected through focus group discussions and Structured interviews for entrepreneurial-engaged SVEP beneficiaries. The finding revealed that rural women need to required family support for starting of their entrepreneurial activities. The paper highlighted the various problems range from finance to Marketing. The problems of women entrepreneurs are more than their male counterparts due to the existence of societal preconceived notions and restrictions. Noticing the economic importance of developing entrepreneurship among women, the Government should design a suitable scheme to engage women towards entrepreneurship.

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Dr. Arahant Arvind, Dr. Choudhary Kuldeep. The challenges & Impact of women entrepreneurship: Women as an entrepreneur to make a change. Int J Stat Appl Math 2023;8(5S):106-109.

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