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2023, Vol. 8, Special Issue 1, Part A

Emerging issues of women health, agriculture crises & women farmers distress in India

Author(s): Pallavi Singh, Poonam Singh, Pragya Ojha and NR Meena

India is on the path of becoming an economic superpower but its performance index in health component of human development, particularly that of women is not at all impressive. The health issues of women in India is increasing day by day in different ways i.e. cardiovascular disease, stroke, kidney disease, respiratory diseases and trauma are the leading causes of death for women, women have a higher burden of disability due to NCDs, like back and neck pain, depressive disorders and respiratory diseases etc. So in this way the main goals of reform in women’s healthcare is delivering quality healthcare to women, Ensuring equity, and getting a better understanding of issues around the barriers to delivering quality healthcare to women. In another way agriculture in India is undergoing a structural change leading to a crisis situation. The rate of growth of agricultural output is gradually declining in the recent years. The related factors responsible for the crisis include: dependence on rainfall and climate, liberal import of agricultural products, reduction in agricultural subsidies, lack of easy credit to agriculture and dependence on money lenders, decline in government investment in the agricultural sector and conversion of agricultural land for alternative uses etc. Indian economy has been facing crisis in its female farm sector also. Women’s domestic work burden, lower mobility, lesser education, and fewer rights and control over assets such as land, livestock etc. has limited their entry into non- agricultural sectors, as well as their range of non-farm options. So in this way, to overcome the hurdles in this sector especially the farmers in the rural areas should be empowered with credit facilities. For this, policy and programs involving timely and adequate investment in agriculture would facilitate farmers’ access to technologies and other relevant help in farming process.

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Pallavi Singh, Poonam Singh, Pragya Ojha, NR Meena. Emerging issues of women health, agriculture crises & women farmers distress in India. Int J Stat Appl Math 2023;8(1S):11-14.

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