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2023, Vol. 8, Special Issue 4, Part E

Laboratory methods of pregnancy diagnosis in buffalo and breeding efficiency

Author(s): Dr. Pooja, Dr. Manish Kumar and Dr. Shikha Tamta

Abstract: Pregnancy diagnosis plays crucial part in the reproduction or breeding management of large animals as well as small animals and plays an important role in the reproduction management of ruminants since embryonic mortality has a substantial impact on the fertility of a herd. Embryonic death of fetus plays role or negative impact on fertility of animals. A large number of laboratory methods have been developed for pregnancy diagnosis in buffaloes including the detection of circulating hormones, pregnancy-associated molecules or chemical determination of these or other molecules in natural secretions (cervical mucus, urine or milk) from pregnant buffaloes, however, either their detection requires a specialized laboratory setup or their sensitivity and specificity is low limiting their widespread use. The process of implantation and the first few days following fertilisation are when most embryonic losses take place. So, it is very important to discriminate, with an early pregnancy diagnosis, non-pregnant from pregnant animals. Hormone analysis is simple technique for detection of pregnancy and used as an alternate as compare to rectal palpation or ultrasound. Large polymorphic family of placenta-expressed proteins has been reported for pregnancy diagnosis in ruminant species. Members of this family are named pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAG), being synthesized in the mono-and binucleate cells of the ruminant’s trophectoderm. They will release in maternal blood circulation and easily diagnosed by laboratory methods. Due to large variety of expressed molecules and to large variations in the post-translational processing of the PAG, different immuno-systems present different ability to quantify the PAG released in blood.

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Dr. Pooja, Dr. Manish Kumar, Dr. Shikha Tamta. Laboratory methods of pregnancy diagnosis in buffalo and breeding efficiency. Int J Stat Appl Math 2023;8(4S):320-324.

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