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2017, Vol. 2, Issue 5, Part A

A spiritual fixed point theorem

Author(s): Dinesh Panthi

Abstract: It is true that there is no life or any existence without mathematical relationships. The entire universe is formed and bound by many simple and complex mathematical relationships. Biological life springs from chemistry, structured by the mathematical relationships of atoms which are due to electrically charged particles. In every phase, there exist some mathematical relationship in creation of matters and biological life of the universe.
On the other hand, a human being passes through different kind of miseries in the way of life and distributes his misery around and makes surroundings miserable. Knowing this reality, Siddhartha Gautam (Lord Buddha) discovered the technique of Vipassana Meditation. To come out from the miseries, meditation had been practiced by many Yogis (Saints) since a long time ago. The modern health science has also accepted that meditation helps to achieve peace and harmony within the mind. Siddhartha Gautam discovered the technique, practiced himself and taught to others to eradicate their miseries. In this paper, we indicate the connection of mathematical relationship with Vipassana Meditation.

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