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2018, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A

Some techniques for solving network optimization problem

Author(s): Mobin Ahmad

Abstract: The paper deals with stream designation problems in networks Optimization utilizing Some Techniques for solving. Its primary object is to examine and propose strategies for discovering settlements of SNOP connect weight framework understanding the accepted request design for the given network resources. Such settlements can bring about an altogether better network performance, as contrasted and the rearranged weight setting heuristics normally used nowadays. In spite of the fact that the setup of the connection weight framework is principally done in the network planning stage, still extra re-optimizations are doable, and in reality fundamental, keeping in mind the end goal to adapt to significant changes in traffic conditions and with real assets' disappointments and adjustments. The paper details a network optimization problem, proves its NP-fulfillment, and talks about conceivable heuristic methodologies and related optimizations methods for solving it. Two basic approaches are viewed as (the immediate approach and the two phase approach) and the subsequent optimization algorithms are displayed. The contemplations are represented with numerical results.

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Mobin Ahmad. Some techniques for solving network optimization problem. Int J Stat Appl Math 2018;3(2):10-14.

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