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2018, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part B

Profit analysis of two unit poly wrapping system with preventive maintenance and Degradation

Author(s): Dr. Vijay Goyal

Abstract: Today most of the industries and plants are multi units systems i.e. not single unit containing. Various industries and processing systems are assembly of a number of units. In this paper we study a Polythene packing industry having a system comprising of two units namely Wrapper (A) and Bundler (B) having Preventive Maintenance in unit (A) only before partial failure and which undergoes Degradation on Complete Failure is analyzed. The failure of system collectively depends upon failure of each individual unit. Two units system is widely used in a number of process industries and many more others in which one unit is more important than second one and requires a more attention, so we apply preventive maintenance. If that single unit fails then the whole system fails. Considering the importance of such units in system Gupta, V. K. has discussed behavior with perfect and imperfect switch-over of systems using RPGT. So keeping in view the importance of every single unit in whole of the system, in this paper we have analyzed Two Unit System under Preventive Maintenance in main unit before complete failure and Degradation after Complete Failure. The unit may further deteriorate each time, so ultimately there will be stage when the unit will be beyond repair or it may not be advisable to repair it further due to higher cost maintenance or loss of production. Taking into account all the possibilities and path probabilities a transition diagram of system is traced out. As most of the units follow exponential failure rate, hence failure rate of individual is taken exponential. If the server reports that unit is not repairable then it is replaced by a new one. Fuzzy logic can be applied to determine the unit’s working in full capacity or reduced capacity.

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Dr. Vijay Goyal. Profit analysis of two unit poly wrapping system with preventive maintenance and Degradation. Int J Stat Appl Math 2018;3(2):118-121.

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