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2019, Vol. 4, Issue 5, Part B

Mathematical modeling numerical simulation of air pollution

Author(s): Dr. Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

Environment, which etymologically means surrounding is considered as a composite term for the condition in which organism live and thus consist of air, water, food and sunlight which are the basic needs of all living beings and plant life, to carry on their life functions. Environment creates favorable conditions for the existence and development of living organisms. Pollution of the environment is one of the most horrible ecological crisis to which we are subjected today. Air Pollution is generally disequilibrium condition of air caused due to the introduction of foreign elements from natural and manmade sources to the air so that it become injurious to biological communities. So air pollution may be described as “The imbalance in the quality of air so as to cause adverse effects on the living organisms existing on earth,” or we can say that “The presence of one or more contaminant such as dust, gas, odour, smoke, smog or vapour in the outdoor atmosphere, in quantities of characteristics, and of duration so as to be injurious to human plant or animal life or to property or which unreasonably interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property is known as air pollution”.

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Dr. Abhishek Kumar Srivastava. Mathematical modeling numerical simulation of air pollution. Int J Stat Appl Math 2019;4(5):143-153.

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